4 ways to paint stars

Stars are really cool! I think we all agree on that. A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I decided to sleep with our head at the other side of the bed, now we can see some stars trough the skylight window when the weather allows it. Besides looking at them I also really like painting them. So I thought 'lets share 4 different techniques with you guys to paint stars' using watercolour paint. Here we go:

1.Masking fluid.

        This is my favourite technique because it gives the best contrast although it takes a bit of time. Masking fluid is strange stuff. It is grey, it smells weird and when it dries it becomes rubberish. I have this one. Ok, but how does it work? Well you take a brush and paint your stars with it. When it has been dried up (it takes a while) you can paint over it with your sky colour. The masking fluid masks your paper from the paint so it stays white. When the paint has dried up you can rub off the masking fluid. And your done! You can find some more detailed instructions on how it works in this great video.

        here are some tips: Masking fluid is also known as liquid masking film or maskeervloeistof in Dutch. Don't use your nice brushes with this stuff when it dries it becomes rubbery and that is really hard to get out of the bristles of the brush, I use a different brush for it. You should wait until the masking fluid is completely dry before adding paint and then wait until your paint is completely dry before removing the masking fluid otherwise you might rub some paint on the white areas. Masking fluid isn't only great for stars, google around to see what else you can do with it.

2. oil pastels

       You can also use a white oil pastel, this technique is really fast because the oil pastel doesn't need to dry or anything. So you just make some dots with the pastel and paint over it. You can also add the oil pastel after painting. It is kind of a mixture between technique 1 and 4 actually. My oil pastel is kind of big so I can't make fine details with it and I also have less control over the shapes of the stars than with the other techniques so I am not the biggest fan of this one.

3.Paint around them

        This takes a lot of time and to be honest I don't really like the result either. But it doesn't require any other product besides the paint of course :). I tried two different thing in this image for some stars I first painted little circles around them and then filled up the space between them later. Than you get that halo-like thing. I also just spared out some white while painting. That effect is more subtle.

4. white paint.

        This is a technique a lot of people use. I used cheap white acrylic paint. So maybe if your material has a higher quality the result is better. Apply the white only after the background has dried up. This is much faster than 1 and has better control than 2 so I think this is my second favourite. You can also use a tooth brush and splatter your paint over the paper to create the stars, this way you will get some very tiny stars and its super quick. However you do not have a lot of control.

I hope you liked my little list! Do you know any other techniques that I missed? please let me know in the comments 🙂 If you would like to see some starry paintings I did  you can checkout #gemmapaintsstarrythings on Instagram, I just tagged all everything starry and some are really old so don't judge me on them 😉 .



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  1. Super leuke post Gemma! Ik word helemaal enthousiast om sterretjes enzo te maken. Mijn masking fluid was laatst helemaal uitgedroogd… Tijd om weer een nieuw potje aan te schaffen (en de dop HEEL strak erop terug te draaien ;-)). Liefs!

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