With this sketchbook I was struggling a bit in the first pages. I started doing a drawing every night before going to bed but I didn't really liked most of the things I drew so I quit. I do really like the first image though, even though I messed it up by tracing one of the people with a thicker fine liner. After a while I had some inspiration again and I painted some weird things to go with some spinvis quotes (spinvis is a Dutch musician who makes awesomely weird music). at 00:42 you can see a drawing of the kayaking holiday me and my boyfriend were planning and a drawing of my Dopper water bottle, I really like that company, they donate money to drinking water projects, their product is cradle to cradle certified and helps you reduce your waste, so its super cool. It was obviously spring/summer when I was making the next drawings, I get really happy when I look at them. Spring is my very favourite season so I can't wait for it to be here again. This was when I decided that bumble bees are my favourite animals 🙂


I really like how you can see the improvement in my drawing skills when you flip trough these art journals. The change is less dramatic than in book 1 where I kind of found my own style. But in this one I definitely develop my style a lot. Let me know what page you liked best! I think my favourite is the blushing in different colours and infinity hair ones at 0:33.

I hope you liked it 🙂


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