best youtube videos for art lovers

I have been addicted to watching/listening to art related videos on YouTube, and today I want to share some of my very favourite ones with you. I devided them up in two categories, art-advice and techniques.Β  I did my best to make this list a bit compact, I don't want to flood you guys with stuff to watch πŸ™‚ The ones featured are ones I really enjoy myself.



I often listen to these while I am drawing or photoshopping or doing some other activity that doesn't require to much brain power, otherwise they might be a bit boring. Anyway here are my favourite advice videos/channels:



Learning new techniques is super inspiring to me. It does make me want to buy all the art supplies though. Here are a couple of tutorials that I liked a lot.


YouTube is the best tool for learning new skills for me. As I am dyslectic, but I think this also goes for 'normal' people, It is so much less effort if someone explains it to you verbally with some nice images than if I would have to read it. Also isn't it wonderful how much you can learn online without even having to pay money for it!


Do you ever check out art videos on YouTube? what are your favourites? please share your tips in the comments, I would love to get to know some new channels!

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    1. bedankt voor de tips πŸ˜€ ik heb net de link gekeken en het is heel interessant om te zien hoe andere mensen het aanpakken. Ik doe bijna het zelfde als zij alleen gebruik ik meestal een fineliner voor de lijnen en doe ik nooit een graywash, maar het lijkt me wel heel leuk om eens te proberen. De andere twee ga ik vanmiddag lekker bekijken πŸ™‚

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