It is time for flip through number 3! I filled this book during the summer of 2015. This time I decided to narrate the video to give it some more personality 🙂 I hope you like hearing my ramblings.


If you have seen book 1 and book 2 as well you can really see my progress. During the process of making these books I learned that working on your skills every day for a short amount of time (I think I have spent 45 minutes drawing everyday on average the last year) can really make a big difference in how good you are. But on the other hand the it goes pretty slow. I mean I have spent over 300 hours on drawing since book 1. That is a lot.


Anyway I feel like I am much more developed as an artist now than I was when I filled this book. I am currently in de middle of book 5. And when I was flipping through all of them last night I was kind of overwhelmed about how many paintings I have done in the last year and a half.


I hope you enjoy the video and please tell me which drawing you liked most in the comments.


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