bird project announcement

Birds! I like seeing them hopping around, I like hearing them sing and I like watching them fly past my window. I am a nature enthusiast and I really want to learn more bird names. I also really want to do a big project. So I decided to draw all the bird species from the Netherlands! (that is where I live)


I will post one bird-painting on my Instagram every day. So if you want to follow along be sure to follow me there 🙂 They will all be gouache paintings on A5 paper. And a really fun part is that they will all be for sale in my etsy shop (coming soon!).


I think the project will take me about a year to complete. And after that I hopefully know a whole lot of bird species, mastered my gouache techniques and be a bird drawing expert!


Let's see where this project takes me 🙂


PS. I have decided to use this page as a news place where I document my newest achievements and goals. For drawing tips and sketchbook flip-troughs please check out my YouTube channel.

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